Couples/Personal Retreat are a perfect way to not only celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary, but an ideal way to connect and learn about yourself and your best friend/partner. You will spend a few hours exploring a variety of different spiritual practices from card readings to breathing, chakra work and healing Meditation. They can be tailored to your own personal needs and requirements or include a taster of a number of different modalities. You can truly relax and unwind or even delve deep into heart of spirituality and the souls journey.

Relax, unwind and connect with your inner self and each other on a deeper level.

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Best Friend Retreat spiritual

Includes session options from the following list:-

♾ Card reading and guidance

♾ Conscious connected Breathwork

♾ Mindfulness techniques/mindful walk (depending on location)

♾ Eye gazing

♾ Sitting in silence

♾The Law of Attraction

♾ Sound and frequency for health and balance

♾ Chakra awareness

♾ Deep guided healing meditation

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