Transformational Cupping

Krissy of Infinity Health & Healing was the first therapist in the UK to be trained and qualified in the technique of Transformational Cupping.

This treatments a manual deep tissue therapy that involves the use of fluid movement across various areas of the body using vacuum pump cups to obtain amazing results and deep healing in your physical and energetic space.

It combines very diverse techniques and achieves fantastic results. For instance, we combine Eastern and Western medicine and apply detoxification with nutrition as a holistic approach to balance overall wellness.

Using the bespoke glass cup as one of the main tools for this treatment, a vacuum is created on the body that activates and works deep into your muscles, fascia and tissues.  Stimulating and giving deep relief and healing through the organs, meridians, and lymphatic system, releasing deep-seated adhesions and stagnant energy in the body and field

This creates support for lymphatic flow and stimulation of oxygenated blood flow. Which helps release knots, break down fatty tissue and remove stored unwanted toxins from the body.

The result is a well-nourished, energised and rejuvenated body free of excess, harmful toxins.

Improvement and healing to many or all of these various areas:


Cupping can be deeply relaxing or quite intense depending on your own body type, muscle tone, fat storage, scar tissue, knots , and tissue toxin build up.

You will need to bring two large and two small towels to your treatment. (Not your best ones as there will be oil involved)

Transformational cupping near me

Transformational Cupping after care

 Note: this is not regular Cupping! 

This type of cupping is a deeply energetic and physically stimulating type of treatment. The cupping works deeply into the muscles, tissues, tendons, and facia. Providing deep stimulation and toxin release to the whole physical body, organs, meridians and energy centres alike.

 We will literally and figuratively peel layers off you both mentally and physically.
Transformational Cupping is combined with manual therapy, healing and detoxification.

After your treatment

It is important to drink plenty of water before and after your cupping treatment to hydrate and facilitate the removal of toxins from your system.

You may also visit the toilet more after your treatment as your body flushes away the released toxins from your system.


You may experience redness, tenderness and bruising and petechial redness after your treatment; this is perfectly normal and will usually subside within a few days.

Eating a healthy clean diet prior to and after your treatment will enhance the level of the results you experience from your treatment.


You may experience some deeper emotions coming to the surface during or after your session as the energetic body has also been activated through the physical stimulation in relation to the energy centres (chakras) energy lines (meridians) and nadis (channels).

Things to avoid

Negative Media, excessive time on technology, Sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, wheat, processed foods, dairy products, soy foods, preservatives, pork, alcohol, soft drinks, E-numbers, industrial oils (rapeseed, palm, safflower, corn) chemicals in cleaning products.