Treatments & Prices

Forensic Healing

Helps to identify negative life patterns, blocks and traumas, so that you can release, heal, become more empowered and find your way to more aligned balance and better health.


Transformational Cupping

This treatment is a manual deep tissue therapy that involves the use of fluid movement across various areas of the body using vacuum pump cups to obtain amazing results and deep healing in your physical and energetic space. 1 hour treatment, additional time available at an additional charge of £15 per 15 minutes.

£60 per hour

15 Minute Additional Transformational Cupping

£15 per 15 mins

Reiki Treatment 45 minutes (in person)

As well as the traditional Reiki healing, the treatment includes Chakra balancing, crystal healing and sound therapy. Full feedback is available at the end of your treatment.


Seichem Treatment 45 minutes (in person)

Seichem is similar to Reiki but has Egyptian roots. It is a deep spiritual healing system that goes deep into the aura and energy centres to clear unwanted energy from your physical and energetic bodies.


Counselling 1 hr (in person)

Counselling is a talk based therapy that supports you in bringing up any issues from your current life or earlier years, so that we can explore any issues and challenges that you have faced. Then we can work together to find an achievable way forward. It encourages self expression in a safe supported environment and offers suggestions to help you find different approaches and more positive behaviours going forward.


Breathwork – 121 Session

Breathwork combines different breathing techniques and exercises to help you manage your overall health in a more conscious and connected way.

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Important Information

Please note that cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your appointment. Any cancellations within 24 hours require payment in full, and the session cannot be rebooked until the cancellation payment is received.

Please dress comfortably so that you feel relaxed, the treatment is performed on a treatment bed, fully clothed, but with shoes removed. You may feel more comfortable wearing socks.

The treatment will usually have some contact with hands being placed on parts of your body such as head, arms and legs (no intimate areas), if you prefer a “hands off” treatment, we can fully accommodate this and it does not affect the effectiveness of the healing. You can state this prior to your appointment.

There are no set amounts of appointments required, as each person has different needs. Whilst one treatment can have an overwhelmingly positive physical, mental and spiritual benefit, most clients feel that a course of treatments is most beneficial. For this reason we offer a discount on 5 sessions booked and paid for in advance. With each healing treatment we can work through the many layers, releasing any issues that may have accumulated over not just years, but a lifetime. 

Monthly treatments can work perfectly to maintain a balance, and reduce the day to day stresses and impacts, on your mind, body and spirit.

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